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Solar Power

Sunlight or solar energy is one thing which is limitless. Various other types of energy sources can be viewed as ending at some point or another. However solar energy is one thing which will be around permanently.

Solar Panels

The photovoltaic effect is simply the ability of certain materials and surfaces to produce electricity from the exposure of light. This is the process that occurs in a solar panel.

Solar Geysers

Solar geysers rely on the basic principle of using the suns energy to heat water. It has been estimated that by using one at home, water heating costs should decrease by 50%–80%.

Industrial Whirlybird

This 500mm whirlybird vent (roof air extractor) is used to circulate air in buildings, extracting hot air and moisture and replacing with new fresh air. Suitable for warehouses, factories, barns, farm sheds, stable blocks.

Roof Insulation

Having the correct thickness of roof insulation for your climatic region is important. It can save you up to 45% on heating and cooling bills.

Chimney Ventilation

Chimney ventilation transforms your entertainment area into a smokeless and more relaxed environment. Its sole purpose is to extract unwanted smoke out the chimney. It does this effortlessly. Suitable for built-in Braai Areas. Suitable for Built-in fire places.

The use of solar power systems has developed into an appealing choice for home owners as well as industrialists taking into consideration the increasing costs of electricity and rising ecological issues.